50% Less energy

Reduce energy consumption means huge cuts on costs and allows more computing power

100% Noise free

Zero noise environment make a difference for your computing experience

Remove 100% dust

Dust is responsible for 80% of computer damages. No dust means no maintenance

Data Center / HPC

Our passive cooling solution for high computation power clusters and high density computer installations.

Extreme gaming system

Our noise and dust free cooling kit for extreme performance computers.

Our technology

Components are fully immersed in a Biofluid (in a specific rack) with high values of thermo-conductivity and convection. The main difference with other solutions available on the market is the immersion cooling system which collects and removes heat from the CPU, GPU, APU, FPGA, RAM and power supplies, and diverts it to other applications.

THPC employs a dielectric Biofluid as a cooling fluid. The good thermal-conductivity and convection of this fluid permit operations in passive cooling conditions, without expensive and bulky devices for fluid circulation and heat exchange.

The cooling system controls the temperature and protects the electronic components from the dust damaging the circuits; it also completely reduces the noise generated by the conventional air and water cooling solutions, improving environmental conditions for operators and end users.

The hardware does not require specific treatments before immersion, except the removal of fans and the waterproofing of hard disk drives.

The improvement of the overall performances allows a bigger computing density (more computers, more power) with better environmental conditions.

Climate impact

Across the world, thousands of high performance computers work around the clock to meet the increasing demand of everyday life.  We want more information, more performance, at a faster rate. As a result, data centers consume up to 3% of all global electricity, producing upwards of 200 million metric tons of carbon dioxide. It is estimated that data center traffic will increase almost 30% annually by 2017. With our thirst for information accelerating at increasing speeds, energy consumption via these data centers are depleting our natural resources, and costing companies millions of dollars annually.

In response to the need to decrease our carbon footprint,with the vision of minimizing the impact of technology on the environment, THPC has taken liquid cooling systems to a new, eco-friendly level.

Using readily available, low-cost materials, THPC has created a dielectric, non-toxic, plant-based Biofluid coolant to capture heat from the CPU and hot spots. THPC immerses the server, or even entire data centers, in the long-lasting Biofluid and then seals the system, creating a dust and noise free environment, allowing maximum performance and component longevity. And the THPC system has no moving parts – no pumps, no fans, no radiators – reducing the risk of point of power breakdown.

If used worldwide, THPC could reduce the use of coal by 12 billion kilograms and reduce the use of water by 200 billion liters. To get a better idea, the energy saved by the THPC system is equivalent to that used by 7 million homes in one year!

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